Courses for Parents and Carers

Practical training courses for parents, guardians and care staff to help them to support the speech and language development of their children.  Delivered by local tutors throughout the UK they give a wealth of practical advice and strategies for parents to implement at home and when they are out and about.

These courses are all accredited at Level 1 and so are also useful for staff just starting to explore how to support children’s speech and language development.

Training for you

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Lets Talk with Under 5s
Lets Talk with 5-9s
Lets Talk with Special Children

(for children with severe and complex learning needs)

Lets Talk Together

(for children with social communication needs including ASD)

Communication Counts for Adults and Young People with Learning Difficulties

All our courses focus on developing communication and social interaction skills for the benefit of not only the child with speech and language difficulties but of all the children in the family.

Train others


Parents and Carers who have completed one of a selection of our Level 3 courses can train to deliver a Let's Talk course to others

Elearning course now available