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Supporting Verbal Pupils with ASD course outline

This course is designed to be delivered over five weekly session; it may also be taught as an intensive two day programme. Each session lasts two hours. The course uses interactive teaching methods, practical activities, videos and group discussion to engage learners.

Session 1:  What is Communication and where does ASD fit?

  • Identify the significant features of ASD.
  • Develop an understanding of pragmatic language skills.
  • Learn how to use a checklist to identify pupils with social communication needs.

Session 2:  Sensory Integration and ASD

  • Understand the range of sensory difficulties individuals with ASD may experience.
  • Learn how to identify different sensory patterns and strategies to manage individuals with varying needs.

Session 3:  The importance of structure

  • Understand what is meant by visual and physical structure and why it is important.
  • Explore ways of adding physical and visual structure to the environment.
  • Learn how to use a wide range of visual supports in the learning setting.

Session 4:  Developing interaction

  • Develop activities to facilitate the learning of vocabulary associated with emotion concepts.
  • Learn how to use evidence based interaction strategies and how to modify them for the individual with ASD.
  • Understand how a lack of theory of mind affects an individual with ASD.
  • Know how to use chat cartoons to promote social interaction. (More able and older children only).

Session 5:  Behaviour is Communication

  • Understand that individuals communicate through their behaviour.
  • Understand why communication difficulties might lead to unhelpful behaviour.


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