Information for Commissioners for Schools: Resources for 0-5yrs

Elklan has produced a range of resources to support early years practitioners and others in their work.

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Early Language Builders

Early Language Builders

Price: £22.00

A book packed full of practical ideas to support children’s speaking and listening skills at pre-foundation and foundation stage.

This invaluable and practical book provides detailed advice and activities to promote the speaking and listening skills of all children aged between 2 and 6 years. It has been widely used across thousands of settings and enables professionals and parents to understand the communication difficulties children experience. It gives relevant advice and is full of lots of ideas to support children with a wide range of speech and language difficulties

Amongst the topics covered are:

  • Developing play for language
  • Encouraging appropriate adult-child interaction
  • The development of attention levels
  • Helping children develop their understanding of language andverbal reasoning
  • Developing social skills through play
  • Helping pre-school children with autistic spectrum disorder
  • Helping children develop phonological awareness
  • Helping children with unclear speech
EYBIC Word Pack

EYBIC Word Pack

Price: £35.00

A resource which will help pre-school settings to develop everyday vocabulary and support the understanding of spoken language.

Early Years Based Information Carrying Word Pack is a rich resource of beautiful pictures and interesting activities to promote the vocabulary, speaking and listening of a wide range of children through the principle of Information Carrying Words.

For those unfamiliar with Information Carrying Words, the concept provides a structured framework which helps children increase the amount of information they can remember. At the same time EYBIC will develop their knowledge and language of everyday topics including:

  • Ourselves
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Animals
  • Home

The resource includes:

  • Careful explanations about Information Carrying Words and how to use the resource
  • Illustrations to print in black and white or colour
  • Home Activities
  • Vocabulary checklists to monitor progress
  • A two and a half hour training session for parents and early years practitioners, which includes teaching notes, a PowerPoint presentation and handouts.

EYBIC Word Pack will help to improve:

  • Understanding of spoken language
  • Listening and attention
  • Auditory sequential memory
  • Vocabulary development
  • Expressive language
  • Social communication skills

EYBIC Word Pack supports Early Learning Goals.

EYBIC Word Pack is very useful for children learning additional languages.

EYBIC Word Pack helps parents, early years practitioners and speech and language therapists to work together to promote children’s language and communication skills.

Test of Abstract Language Comprehension

Test of Abstract Language Comprehension

Price: £45.00

A resource designed to help speech and language therapists, education staff and the wider workforce to assess and develop the verbal reasoning skills primary aged children who experience difficulty understanding what is said to them.

This beautifully illustrated resource is designed to help speech and language therapists, education staff and the wider workforce to assess and develop the verbal reasoning skills of all under 5s and primary aged children who experience difficulty understanding what is said to them

The TALC is based on the Language of Learning Model proposed by Blank, Rose and Berlin (1978). The Language of Learning Model is popular in Australia where it is referred to as 'Blanks' or 'The Blank Language Scheme.' This scheme is very popular with early years and education staff as it helps them to differentiate class based activities for all children. This assessment will enable children to be appropriately assessed and supported at the right level for them. Anyone familiar with the principles of assessing children can conduct the TALC.

More information about 'Blank' is written in the resource and in all Elklan Language Builders books (excepting Communication Support for Children with Severe and Complex Needs).

The TALC can be used to:

  • Assess the level of abstract language a child can understand
  • Set individual, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely (SMART) targets
  • Increase the awareness of the types of questions and directions the child might be expected to understand
  • Indicate how the language used to interact with the child can be modified to ensure that the child understands the linguistic demands
  • Encourage the development of the child's abstract reasoning skills within his level of ability
  • Develop the child's confidence because the demands will be realistic
  • Measure change

There are two parts to the TALC assessment:

  • Part I involves a picture assessment. The topics for the six pictures have been carefully chosen to reflect the experiences of a wide and diverse population. The child is shown a picture or is given four pictures to put in the correct order. The assessor asks the questions listed on the score sheet and notes can be made about the child's response. There are 70 questions.
  • Part II of the TALC gives a list of the types of questions which can be adapted to suit all situations so that assessment can take place during natural communicative interactions. A simple record sheet is provided.

All the score forms can be photocopied for multiple use.


Let's Talk with Under 5s - Handouts

Price: £20.00

A beautifully illustrated and easily photocopied or printed resource for parents and others to help them encourage the communication skills of all children aged 5 and under.

Let's Talk with Under 5s Handouts is beautifully illustrated and full of ideas to encourage the speaking, listening and language skills of all under 5s. The handouts are ideal for parents, child minders and under 5s practitioners wanting some basic skills and knowledge as well as for speech and language therapists to give out to others to explain complex ideas in a simple and effective manner.

There are lots of practical suggestions that cover the following topics:

  • Normal communication development chart
  • Causes of speech and language difficulties
  • Adult-child interaction
  • Play and how important ant it is for development of language.
  • Understanding language
  • Using words and sentences
  • Asking questions and sharing books
  • Helping children with unclear speech
  • As with all Elklan materials having purchased the resource you are free to photocopy any relevant pages for your use to equip others who work within your school or health provision.

A CD version is included so the handouts can be printed off as and when required.


Price: £55.00

A wealth of ideas to assess and develop the linguistic concepts (descriptive vocabulary) needed to access the Foundation and Key Stage 1 curricula, based on Ann Locke's 'Living Language' programme which underpins most of the Maths and Science curricula throughout the UK.

PORIC provides a wealth of ideas to assess and develop the linguistic concepts (descriptive vocabulary) needed to access the Foundation and Key Stage 1 curricula. It is based on the core vocabulary and linguistic concepts incorporated in Ann Locke's 'Living Language' programme which underpins most of the Maths and Science curriculai in all four countries of the UK. it is an invaluable resource for staff supporting children who need more help to learn these important words.

PORIC is a long established product that has been used by many teachers and Therapists, it was written by Glinette Woods and Deborah Acors in 1999. The publisher retired and the authors have worked with Henrietta to produce a brand new edition which is now published by Elklan.

The PORIC pack gives you:

  • A book of ideas to develop an understanding and use of each linguistic concept in alphabetical order.
  • A CD disc with all same ideas to develop the concepts but organised in the order in which children acquire the vocabulary.
  • A linguistic concept booklet with 16 coloured, laminated pictures to use for informal assessment and teaching.

The CD disc also contains:

  • Concept check lists and assessment forms in alphabetical and developmental order. All these forms can be printed as and when they are needed.
  • Four exercise books. These are called 'Concept Consolidation' books and contain worksheets ideal for reinforcement of the concepts at home.


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