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Information for Practitioners: e-learning opportunities

Two of our highly successful accredited training packages are now available through blended web based learning. Both courses have an interactive component of which we are very proud. For one hour a week, you attend a lively and informative discussion led by an experienced Elklan tutor enabling you to share outcomes with others so adding value to your training experience. Another hour per week is completed online via interactive web based training.

Special offer! Elklan are pleased to make two courses available as non-accredited E-Learning Sessions, without formal tasks or weekly webinars, at a reduced price. Click a button to find out more, and to purchase now for instant access:

0-3s E-Learning Sessions 5-11s E-Learning Sessions

Elklan accredited E-Learning courses are externally quality assured and accredited by an OfQual regulated national Awarding Organisation. Participants will receive the same award as if they were completing the course in a more traditional manner. Both courses are accredited at Levels 2 and 3 and learners will receive nine credits at whatever level they chose to study. The Elklan tutor will provide the support learners need to complete a Learning Log.

Speech and Language Support for 0-3s

This Elklan accredited course has been developed from the most current research. It directly supports EYFS outcomes and Ofsted inspections by:

  • Enabling practitioners to evidence early identification and support, particularly for the two year review process.
  • Supporting planning and differentiation of language focused activities based on developmental stages.
  • Supporting and developing practitioner skills in high quality interaction.
  • Providing evidence in progress tracking and positive early years outcomes
  • Supporting practitioners to work with families directly in developing speech and language skills.

This practical training has excellent feedback and testimonials from practitioners across the UK.

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Upcoming accredited Speech and Language Support for 0-3s E-Learning courses:

Speech and Language Support for 5-11s

This course is used as part of our Communication Friendly Schools training programme which was commissioned by the Communications Trust with funding from the DfE. This course remains our most popular training programme to date with over 10,000 learners accessing it with excellent outcomes.

What do learners say?
Upcoming accredited Speech and Language Support for 5-11s E-Learning courses:

Supporting Children and Young People’s Speech, Language and Communication Development

Elklan is delivering the Level 3 Award Supporting Children and Young People’s Speech, Language and Communication Development.

We are delivering this Award in partnership with the Communication Trust on their Platform 3: Study, Learn, Qualify programme. Consisting of two mandatory and one optional unit, successful applicants will achieve 9 credits at Level 3.

The Award must be completed in 4 months. As well as studying online, you will be supported by an Elklan tutor to gain your Award.

For more information about the training click here (external link).

Price: £450 plus VAT per person.

Choose which Elklan-provided course is best for you

Elklan training Elklan
Platform 3 Award
Price £395 plus VAT £350 plus VAT £450 plus VAT
A 9 credit Award
No previous qualification required
Covers 0-25 years
Face to face tutor contact
Discussion and sharing with other learners
Printed resource book
Fully time flexible learning
Paper portfolio option
Age and disability specific courses
Choice of optional units in EAL, positive practice, BESD, parents/carers
Progression courses for ASD, Unclear Speech & Hearing Difficulties
Specialist Courses for ASD, Complex, SLD, AAC, Vulnerable Young People
Progression to cascading parents' and whole setting training
Targeted strategies for specific age range
Opportunities for local collaborative working
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Platform 3 and Elklan courses are Award at level 3. Both are accredited at 9 credits at level 3. Elklan courses can also all be studied at level 2.

Elklan courses give practical strategies to support specific age ranges. Platform 3 is more generic in nature, the learner needs to apply the strategies presented to the age range of client s/he is working with.

Whilst Platform 3 is advertised as being for all children and young people many of the learners and tutors who teach the course feel that its focus is on early years and key stage 1 and that there is less of a focus on strategies to support older children and young people.

Elklan training has been successfully delivered to over 50,000 learners and has been running for nearly 20 years.

Platform 3 tends to requires learners to be self-motivated and organised and able to research around the topics presented to meet the learning objectives. Elklan courses provide learners with a structure in which to operate. All the information to complete the e-portfolio is included in the training session. Previous knowledge is not assumed or expected.

To complete the Platform 3 e-portfolio a reasonable competence with IT is required. There are less IT demands on those completing the Elklan e-learning or e-portfolio.

Platform 3 helps you to prove that you have acquired a certain level of knowledge. This may have been gleaned through CPD courses you may have attended and the e-learning platform. Elklan doesn’t have this flexibility – the training has to be completed and whilst previous knowledge can be used in completing the e-portfolio the course does have to be completed.

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